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Course format


Other English courses are usually 10-30 hours. But our programme is a a 14-day, 40+ hour immersion course in English language. We cover all key aspects of English, and place particular emphasis on rapidly improving speaking proficiency, creative thinking in English, and confidence in a foreign language.

Who the course is best for


Providing you are a Chinese student, have some basic English, and are aged 13-25, this course is for you. We teach students of all levels to begin the process of becoming fluent in English.

When we run it


We offer this programme from June – September every year. Please contact us below to arrange participation, or for more information about course costs and logistics.

Reasons students choose Synergy Learning in London

Extensive experience teaching Chinese students

We have a strong record of successfully supporting Chinese students to make significant improvements in their English, having now delivered 12,000 hours of high-quality English tuition in China. We pride ourselves on cultural sensitivity and provincial knowledge. Our coordinating staff all speak Mandarin.

High quality course content and staff

Our five-day, intensive English learning programme improves students’ projected IELTS level by a grade or more. The course is particularly focused on improving spoken English, critical and creative thinking in English, and confidence-building in a foreign language. Students can expect a rapid increase in their overall level in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We recruit our teaching staff from the best British universities, and each student is mentored one-on-one every day by one of our teaching staff.

An immersion in the city of London

Our unique record of teaching experience in China enabled us to establish a London-based programme tailored specially for Chinese students. We offer a programme of activities to give you a bespoke introduction to all the culture, history and day-to-day life London has to offer, and learning English is built-in to every step you take.

Our programme results

Our programme results

Studying in the U.K has never been so easy


1. Choose to enrol in our 2017 Summer Programme

For more information about the course, please use the contact us section below.


2. Select which fee options are best for you

For a full breakdown of fees, and additional options we include, please contact us.


3. Purchase!

Purchase your place on our summer programme today, by placing the programme deposit with us securely online. We will contact you within 24 hours with pre-departure information and your course package.

Contact our Summer Programme team

Our programme runs throughout the summer period, and we look forward to welcoming you to an immersive learning experience in London. Your English will never be the same.

Please contact us here to request further information or arrange participation in a summer course.

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